Secrets of Horus

Secrets of Horus

Slot machine test: Secrets of Horus

With "Horus" almost everything is said, because the slot machine secrets of Horus puts you directly in the old Egypt - a very popular topic in online slots. The slot machine from the home Net Entertainment comes from but no books, where there are here still a parchment roll. A design like a cast that whets the appetite for more awaits you here. More ancient Egypt isn't likely. Hieroglyphics and matching motifs form the root of the symbols that you can go on profit hunting. If you can imagine anything, Horus, then just think about a hawk, because it was mostly linked to this Egyptian deity in conjunction. Here we are going but not too much about history and if you want, you can go directly online with secrets of Horus.

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Secrets of Horus-online play

Lines, symbols and of course roll - together they form the backbone of the slots and it's up to you to bring together these three components that they yield profit. To turn the rollers on which the icons are located. Also retire from leftmost to right profit lines across the fields of the rollers. If now identical symbols on exactly one payline and start in left, then there is profit. Most symbols can form rows between three and five fields, some count but from two same symbols on the first two reels.

Left and right of the five reels, you will see small figures in colourful fields, representing all 20 pay lines. However, you must not play with this number and can reduce the number. As a result, you play with less cost, but also fewer options. As more lines are enabled, there are more opportunities for the symbols to make scoring winning lines. Your possible win something not only with luck to do, but also your usage. You'll increase that the multipliers of the icons can also provide higher profits.

The slot game symbols in the secrets of Horus online slot

Six hieroglyphs are the simpler symbols in secrets of Horus, but these can provide very good profits. This is of course also by the length of a series, but also by the number of winning lines. The hand is one of the symbols that side by side with absorbed even at two fields in the score.

Ranging from the scroll to the Horusauge the icons are very weighty, what concerns their multipliers. You can see in the "Paytable" from secrets of Horus. Two fields in addition even the Horus eye and Signet Ring sufficient.

From two fields include also the wild and the scatter, but their strengths are actually somewhere else. Because in addition to the normal ratings you can from three scatter symbols a total 15 free games get, which are blessed with an extra triple multiplier.

Also the game more out of your profit can do. If it completes a series in his role as the Joker, the corresponding profit is doubled.

Slot machines instructions by secrets of Horus

To play secrets of Horus actually not much needed. You can directly in various slots casinos get started. If you want, then only in fun mode or even with real stakes. So or so you should start if you secrets of Horus has not yet got played, first start with low stakes. With the level and the value of the coin, you can redefine your bet before each round, and you slowly increase. If you press left on the small "car", the auto-start mode can be started in the previously selected number of rounds by starts alone, without that extra, you have to click on the "spin" button.

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